Response from the Happiness Engineers

Related to my earlier post (  )

I have received a response:

There was an issue with Reader keyboard shortcuts being picked up from inside comments, which has been fixed now.

Please clear your browser cache and refresh the page, and you should be able to comment normally as before.

Hope that helps.

Fingers Crossed!


WordPress Bug? Need Your Input

A few days ago I began noticing oddities while using WordPress. I thought it was just me, but several other people noted experiencing one of the same issues.

Here’s what I have noted:

  1. When leaving a comment, I am randomly shifted to a different blog than I was originally replying to. It happened only a few times so I did not pay it much attention. Then I had a fellow blogger leave a comment on my blog. The problem was that the comment was intended for a blog other than mine. (This happened to a very experienced blogger.) In the comments we exchanged about it, a couple of other bloggers piped in and said they had experienced the same thing.
  2. When leaving comments on a blog, I keep getting a warning asking me if I really want to leave without finishing what I was typing. This in the middle of the comment – I was not trying to leave the page. The only resolution is to refresh the page and lose the comment I was typing. (I got smart enough to copy the comment before leaving the page so I would not be required to retype the whole thing.)

Both of these things ‘seem’ to happen while in WordPress Reader. But I cannot say if it only happens in Reader.

If you have experienced this, please leave a comment below. If this is a widespread problem we need details so it can be reported.