Mum Bett – from the Archive for Black History Month


Reblogging with Frank’s permission. This is a piece of history I didn’t know. It is worth noting for the record the schools I attended never taught black history and if it were not for Black History Month I don’t know if they would now and that should be rectified.


“anytime while I was a slave, if one minute’s freedom had been offered to me, and I had been told I must die at the end of that minute, I would have taken it—just to stand one minute on God’s earth a free woman— I would.”

Mum Bett stood on the fringes of the small crowd in the town square of Sheffield, Massachusetts; wrapped in a shawl against the autumn chill. She had come to hear the reading of the new law. A courier had arrived from Boston with printed copies for all those who could read – Mum Bett couldn’t, so she came to listen.

A tall young man climbed up onto a wagon so he could be seen and heard.

“This here is the new Constitution of the Free Commonwealth of Massachusetts! Draw near and listen!”

“Article One!”

“All men are born free and equal, and have certain…

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One Liner Wednesday – Which of These is Like the Other?

Yesterday I was looking through some high school yearbooks on Classmates. I found a photo of myself as a sophomore in high school. I was stunned at how much I looked like my daughter did when she was younger. I clipped the photo and sent it to her in a text.

She replied: Who is that?

I said: You don’t know?

She replied: Is it me?

I responded by sending her the entire photo of the Latin Club. (yes, I was nerdy). I think she was as shocked as I was at how similar we looked – something we rarely see in each other.

We both had a good chuckle. She wondered where I found a black and white photo of her!

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