I Am Not Supposed to ‘Stand with Ukraine’

Last night as I perused social media, I ran across people pushing this idea for various reasons.

The first reason stated that “standing with Ukraine” was meaningless. It does nothing, therefore it is an empty sentiment.

The second was that Ukraine’s government is not a much better  than Russia’s.

The third (and last because I reached my tolerance threshold) was that it was typical of Americans. We do not care about the millions of babies we kill but we care about Ukraine.

Insert eyerolls here.  🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

You may not like my wording, but I will stand with or care for or show empathy for anyone I choose. I cannot stop it, but I can care for those who stand in harm’s way. When we lose the ability to care for other human beings, we have lost our collective soul.

I have the ability to care for multiple things at the same time. It isn’t difficult.

End of rant.


31 thoughts on “I Am Not Supposed to ‘Stand with Ukraine’”

  1. While I don’t put up banners and such, of course my heart goes out to the people who are being attacked by that evil man. It’s very telling who supports him…

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    1. I don’t wave banners, either, but I care deeply. Families and lives destroyed for power mongering shows mankind at it’s worst. One of my friends who is a young mother said she cried as she held her daughter last night, only imagining the fear of a mother somewhere across the world holding her child and fearing for their very lives. It gutted me.

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    1. Thank you, Frank. I am not sure how I missed your post in January. I know nothing about this part of the world so I appreciate the history lesson. It is mind boggling. I just feel for the civilians. There are so many news articles and opinions on the conflict the average person will get nowhere in understanding it all.

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  2. It is up to you to have your own opinions, and stand for whatever you wish. And not up to others to tell you differently. Our differences are what makes us human.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Agreed. It is such a waste of energy to try and tell others what they should think and feel. That is the reason I spend so little time on Social Media.

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    1. I do not purposely seek it out, John. Social media has a way of being in your face. I enjoyed the article you posted. Thanks for sharing it.

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  3. Well said! I don’t think anyone saying “I stand with Ukraine” on their social media feed actually thinks it will make a difference in the conflict but what’s wrong with showing solidarity? The What Abouts? will always have a bellyache about anything that doesn’t align with their agenda.

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  4. I am standing with you Maggie, I frown on the very reasons you found on social media. I shall support Ukraine, I shall rail against the evil meglamaniac Putin with his finger ready to press the button. . To say the Ukraine’s leaders are no better than Russia’s …we There’s not much between Putin and Trump ….they all forget quickly don’t they Maggie. They would soon stand up and want support if Russia invaded them . I am so sad by people’s reactions. Thankfully there is more than one point of view.

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