Blogwork – Time to Clean House

Image by jorono from Pixabay

After my informal query into the habits of the blogging community, I have been doing some blog housework. I cleaned up a few pages, eliminated some menu items, deleted a few followers that had no bio and no blog, added a contact page, and created a @fromcavewalls Twitter account.

I am not a Twitter afficinado. Leave me your tips and recommendations on people to follow.  The biggest question is how to avoid feeling overwhelmed with the sheer volume of it all.

If I stumble on your Twitter id, I will add it to my list of accounts to follow. I will be sharing posts, too, if you have a Twitter share button. Of course, it is day one and I have zero followers so don’t get too excited! 😁

I have also seen some kind Twitter shares of my posts from bloggers here so THANK YOU! I had no idea.