Monday Missive – 27 Days

Yesterday was a wash for me. I started a couple of posts, but I think I was experiencing bloggers block if there is such a thing. What I wrote lacked authenticity. I do not know whose voice my attempts were written in, but it was not mine. Those posts are now steeping in my drafts folder.

On a positive (at least for me) note the first day of spring is only 27 days away so let’s pocket that good news and get started.

  • When I lived in Alaska, the first day of spring meant very little. It was ‘breakup’ (when ice on the rivers breaks up) we looked forward to. To give you an idea, I think the deadline to remove studded tires was May 1st. In contrast, ‘termination dust’ (snow on the mountains) signals the coming of winter, but we won’t discuss that now.
  • We ordered seed potatoes to plant again this year. We did not have a bounty of potatoes last year, but we did have enough to enjoy.
  • The big box stores have lettuce, spinach, and cilantro starts. It is tempting to buy them, but we wait. It does suggest it is time to visit the organic garden shops.
  • So many members of my family are struggling with different challenges. For this empath, it is hard to listen but yet not take on the struggles. I try to put my energy into positive thoughts and encouraging words. Much of my day yesterday was spent on the phone, serving as a sounding board.
  • I have an aching desire to travel and see my family. I know Covid is still here and still a challenge, though. Yes, the numbers are falling but we have been here before. It is so easy for my mind to spin negative thoughts around Covid.
  • The goldfinches are starting the slow transition from their drab brown color to their eventual bold yellow. Another sign spring is on its way. It will not be long until the redbud trees and the dogwoods start to bud out.

How about you? How are things in your part of the world? Are you looking forward to spring? When do you think you will feel safe to travel again?