Interesting Writing Prompt

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Every day I receive a text with a writing prompt from author Patti Digh. I do not write from them every day, instead choosing only to write those that I find have an unusual challenge. Such was the case today:

”You have been asked to write a description of one of your favorite paintings for a blind audience.”

In thinking of a few of my favorite paintings, it is not simply what you see in the painting but how it makes you feel. Can I successfully convey the feeling?  I will be back later with the description and then a photo of the painting I chose. I suppose it will be up to my readers if I was successful.

Feel free to join in. You can link back to this post if you are interested in stretching your creative muscle.


One Liner Wednesday – Rainy Days

It seemed like a good idea to do my laundry on rainy days, but discovered I don’t enjoy doing laundry that often!

It’s raining again today. The plants are loving it, but it has put a damper on my outdoor activities. One might think this is a cruel April Fool’s joke that our temps are going to drop back into the low 30° degree range over the next few days.  No garden planting yet!

One liner Wednesday is brought to us each week by the lovely Linda Hill. Please visit Linda’s blog to read the rules, read other one liners, and possibly join in the fun!


When Spirit Passes

Where are the eloquent words when a beautiful spirit passes from us? They fail me.

I did not know Sue Vincent, and only recently came to know her through her words. Words that encircled this entire global community, pulling us into one grieving family.

Even though my time knowing her was short, it was enough to feel her spirit and hold her in my prayers. I cannot imagine the far reaching grief of those of you who knew her better than I.

My heartfelt condolences to her family and all those who loved her.


Monday Missive – A Time of Change

I don’t know about you, but there is more to focus on these days than I have the mental capacity to undertake. I prioritize and try to maintain a modicum of positivity as I look forward to change.

  • I am still riding high on the tails of our first visit with family. We may get a chance to hug two of our grandchildren and my son this coming weekend.  I am more than excited for the possibility but will discuss the boundaries before we proceed. We will definitely take a little Easter surprise for them to enjoy.
  • After our last few days of on again off again rain and storms, spring is coming on with a vengeance. It is as if azalea buds happened overnight. I am anxious to plant our garden but with predictions of lows in the high 20° F range, I will wait even if impatiently.
  • Even though the date for filing Federal taxes is delayed this year as are our state taxes, our state tax payment dates are not. So, we must first complete complete the Federal so no delay for us.
  • As of this coming Wednesday, all of our children are now eligible to receive the vaccine. In our latest video chat with our youngest granddaughter, she was beside herself to think we will get to hug her soon! This time has been so hard on the little ones.
  • Last night we dropped off our cars to be inspected. This is an annual requirement to insure your vehicle is road safe. They are following Covid protocols so everything is no contact. They sanitize the car when the inspection is complete so all we need to do is pick them up. Easy.
  • Yes, there is a lot going on in the world and unfortunately it is not always good. There  are good things we can do, though. I hope you all continue to line up for your shot, mask up when going out, and stay safe. Let’s get through this thing!
  • Here’s a little spring for you to enjoy!

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Post Vaccination, Choose Wisely

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Shot 1 – Done.
Shot 2 – Done.
2 Week Wait – Done.

But life does not just click back into place. We have a lot of post pandemic trauma to get through.

Yesterday we saw our daughter and her husband for the first time in a very long time. There is a courtesy you extend especially to those you love.

”We would love to see you.”

”Us, too.”

”Do you feel safe if we visit?”

”I think so. Do you?”

”I think so.”

”Do you feel safe to hug?”

”I do if you do”.

It was a beautiful day and we sat outside unmasked. We had two brief hugs. We got takeout and ate outside on the screened-in porch.

We played with the dogs. They were so happy to see us. Dogs remember. We went inside to get drinks and to use the bathroom but that was it.

This is easing into a new pseudo normal that is nowhere near normal. But it is a start.

One careful step at a time. Every new thing after such a long period of isolation means questioning. We evaluate what information we trust to keep us and our family healthy. Everything becomes risk assessment and that can introduce a low level trauma response.

Choose wisely. It is prudent to ask the questions. No one has come out of this past year unscathed. Honor the boundaries of others and it might be wise to have a few of your own.