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Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Every day I receive a text with a writing prompt from author Patti Digh. I do not write from them every day, instead choosing only to write those that I find have an unusual challenge. Such was the case today:

”You have been asked to write a description of one of your favorite paintings for a blind audience.”

In thinking of a few of my favorite paintings, it is not simply what you see in the painting but how it makes you feel. Can I successfully convey the feeling?  I will be back later with the description and then a photo of the painting I chose. I suppose it will be up to my readers if I was successful.

Feel free to join in. You can link back to this post if you are interested in stretching your creative muscle.


8 thoughts on “Interesting Writing Prompt”

  1. I remember asking a blind friend in the fourth grade what she could see. I was clueless. She said I see what you see out of your elbow. That really brought it home. As for trying to explain a painting to her, I am not sure how I would do it at all.

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