Post Vaccination, Choose Wisely

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Shot 1 – Done.
Shot 2 – Done.
2 Week Wait – Done.

But life does not just click back into place. We have a lot of post pandemic trauma to get through.

Yesterday we saw our daughter and her husband for the first time in a very long time. There is a courtesy you extend especially to those you love.

”We would love to see you.”

”Us, too.”

”Do you feel safe if we visit?”

”I think so. Do you?”

”I think so.”

”Do you feel safe to hug?”

”I do if you do”.

It was a beautiful day and we sat outside unmasked. We had two brief hugs. We got takeout and ate outside on the screened-in porch.

We played with the dogs. They were so happy to see us. Dogs remember. We went inside to get drinks and to use the bathroom but that was it.

This is easing into a new pseudo normal that is nowhere near normal. But it is a start.

One careful step at a time. Every new thing after such a long period of isolation means questioning. We evaluate what information we trust to keep us and our family healthy. Everything becomes risk assessment and that can introduce a low level trauma response.

Choose wisely. It is prudent to ask the questions. No one has come out of this past year unscathed. Honor the boundaries of others and it might be wise to have a few of your own.


23 thoughts on “Post Vaccination, Choose Wisely”

  1. Yes, yes. You’re right. I hadn’t thought of this. Everything going forward is going to be risk assessment. I’ve yet to get an appointment for my vaccine shots, but can see what you mean. Carry on, be wise.

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  2. I am so glad that you have gotten your vaccinations! Your words about respecting boundaries and asking first show a lot of wisdom. A new start a little bit at a time.

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  3. Isn’t it just tiny steps that take us back towards some semblance of our pre-Covid lives? We’ve still not gone out to eat here (we’re being overrun by young tourists). Hmm, I think. Well, we’re protected through the vaccine now, but the variants? But, thankfully, going to the grocery store doesn’t seem so anxiety-producing and I’m looking forward to an outdoor garden group meeting in April, too, although with my first volunteer stint with the YMCA Healthy Living Mobile Pantry, too.

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    1. I think if we are all prudent in our decisions, we can see a glimpse of a more normal life on the horizon. My children are starting to get vaccinated now so hopefully we can plan a few more family visits.


  4. We are SO over run with tourists, we can’t even get into Sedona. Hundreds of out of state license plates and far less people wearing masks. So hard to know what to do, even though we are now vaccinated and well passed our two weeks. One step at a time!! I’m SO happy you were able to see family and even get hugs!! Not to mention the dogs!! Lol….

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    1. There was good news from Florida this morning, Nancy! We had a great visit with the family and we look forward to more careful visits soon. You are wise to steer clear of the tourists.

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  5. Yesterday, two weeks after shot 2 we had a visit with our granddaughter who stayed indoors for dinner then stayed and read while the two of us also read quietly. Regular life has never been so wonderful!

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