Nothing But Rain Again

The View Outside My Kitchen Window.

The rain gauge says 4.23 inches of rain since midnight. We are closing in on 6 inches in the last 36 hours. I finally turned the volume down on my weather alerts because they were constant. We have flash flood warnings for the low-lying areas. Luckily, we are situated on a pretty substantial hill, although the water is still ponding around the house.

The last time we had rain like this, there were some severe impacts. A woman lost her life when her house was washed away and she was trapped in a mud slide. Her husband tried, but could not save her. It was such a sad time for our community.

A severe thunderstorm just passed overhead. The thunder and lightening were the kind that inspire scary stories. The storm has passed but the rain continues at a rapid rate. I find myself wondering about the other house we are considering. Would it fare as well? It, too, sits on a substantial hill.

We had an appointment today with the architect and a contractor. They have since cancelled since both must traverse low-lying areas which may have already flooded. Nothing to do but sit back and relax. At least we can relax. So many are on high alert.

My mind went to an old Johnny Cash classic. I found this very old interview and he sings the song at about 1:39 into the video.

It’s now 4.53 and rising…


Simplicity and Quiet


Beautifully touching piece of writing from fellow blogger and writer Frank Scarangello. His poetry calls to us and urges us to find our better selves.


We are a specie with amnesia, in many ways quite lost
roots and origins forgot, hidden hands ensuring we remain asleep
“investing” in our unconsciousness, keeping us as sheep,
asking no questions, satisfied with bread and circus.

Two cars in the driveway, a 72 month loan
lots of gadgets and doo-dads, a huge T.V. for a mindless drone
the bathroom cabinet filled with Tic Tacs
to cope with the emptiness away from your phone.

You have achieved the American dream! You are successful!
Obedience, education and hard work have paid off!
Why do you feel so empty?

Why don’t you feel alive?
Because you are not alive; you’re just going through the motions
in an asphalt wasteland, strewed with billboards
fast food joints and magic potions.

Will you make it to old age
with the common regret of all like us
wishing you had lived the life you wanted

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