SoCS – Choices, We All Have Them

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “choices.” Base your post on the subject of making small, uneventful choices. Enjoy!

Should I set my alarm? No
Make the bed? Yes, but coffee first.
Check FB? I should say no, but yes.
Reheat my coffee that cooled while reading blogs? Yes. Cold coffee is yuck.
Turn on the heater at my feet? Yes!
Make a list of ‘to do’s’ for the day? No, I will pass. It’s Saturday.
Start some laundry? Wait a bit. Who wants that racket while enjoying morning coffee?
Cereal? No, I do not like the cereal I bought to try.
Oatmeal? Yummm. Warm and filling. Maybe.
Eggs? No. Had that yesterday.
Pancakes? No. Not just for me. Hubby is eating cereal.
Toast and apple butter? Hmmm.
With butter? No butter! I will pass. I guess oatmeal.
Milk or orange juice? I want juice, but not with oatmeal.
Maybe a bagel? A bagel sounds good.
Plain cream cheese or onion and chives? Good grief!

I think I will have another cup of coffee.

SoCS is brought to us each Saturday by Linda Hill. Check her blog for the rules and other stream of consciousness posts.



Little Girl, Where Are You?


I am reblogging this post from my old blog. Something Joey (a very cool blogger you should definitely be following said in a comment made me think of the day I wrote this post. It ties in with the post and the comments left on my blog about the house I lived in when we moved to Ohio.

A Life Worth Living

IMAG2858I am a creature of habit. I generally maintain the same routine and take the same route to places I frequently visit. On my route to the grocery store, I fell in love with the adventures of a little girl whom I would never know. I fell in love with her because even passing by her in a moving car I could feel her energy and her spirit.

This charming little spirit lived in a small house in one of the older neighborhoods in my town. Her house was in need of a new coat of paint and the chain-link fence was wavy in appearance where I’m sure at one time it stood rigid and straight. At the front corner of the fence, there was a small tree – leggy from lack of pruning. At the height of its bloom, the leaf spread was still sparse. Between the small tree…

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