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Photo Prompt Story: Not for sale


Reblogging this fictional piece written by Pete Johnson. This particular story was inspired by a photograph I sent him. Pete requested followers send photos he could use and publish as prompts for a new series of fiction. His story did the photo justice. Read and enjoy.


This is a short story, in 1185 words.

It was prompted by this photo sent to me by Maggie.

As she was hanging the washing on the line, Rosa smiled at little Luis trying to chase Skipper. He loved that dog, but he wasn’t yet old enough to know that Skipper would always get the better of him. He was such a happy boy, and had been a wonderful baby too. Never any trouble. She knelt down and opened her arms. “Come on, little man. Time to go in and have breakfast”.

Emilio was walking to the car carrying his lunchbox. Luis spotted him and rushed over to receive his morning kiss. “Papi, papi, ¿cuándo estarás en casa?” Pepe smiled. “Speak English, my son. Don’t forget what Momia told you now.
I will be home this afternoon. Today is an early shift. Be a good boy now”.

When they…

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It Looks to be a Glorious Tuesday

I had a restless night of sleep which had me awake at 6:30 am. I am not sure why I did not sleep well, but some nights are just not as good as others. It could be because I am back doing my daily walks and these hills are hard on my knees. I have been too sedentary with the cold and rainy days of late.

After making my coffee, I eased onto the back deck and witnessed a most glorious sunrise. The last few days have been the same. Bright pinks and orange lighting up the sky. Yesterday reached into the 70° mark which gives me reassurance that spring is on the way.

Yesterday when we went for our afternoon walk, I noticed the daffodils were up and blooming along the roadway. I love the first hints that spring is approaching. It will not be long before the redbud trees and the dogwoods come to life. I cannot imagine living in really cold environments again — winter is too harsh and lasts too long.

Today we are meeting with our realtor while our architect is off getting bids from contractors. No matter the direction we move, big changes are coming. Changes I am embracing even knowing they will both be a lot of work. Leaving my current environment will not be an easy choice. I love this area in the spring, but it is limiting in so many other ways.

I hope this is a glorious Tuesday for you as well!

There’s a difference between wanting to stay and being too afraid to let go.
Victoria Schwab