What is Your Latest New Book?

Have you ever thought about what calls you to a book, not only to read, but also invest in buying it? For me, it could be the subject matter or a reference in a news article. I can walk through the book store and be drawn to the cover art and it can be enough to cause me to pause and read the synopsis. Sometimes I stop and look at the staff recommendations. I will often seek out an author whose work I have enjoyed in the past. More recently, I began reading New York Times reviews again, but sometimes those reviews are too high brow for me.

The most powerful draw for me is a recommendation from someone I respect. Fellow blogger and author, Brett Ann Stanciu recently wrote a post about a book she received unexpectedly — Ensouling Language: On the Art of Nonfiction and the Writer’s Life by Stephen Harrod Buhner. Her post drew me in so much, I ordered the book. I wish I could tell you what she said that compelled me in such a way. Her words always seem to resonate with me.

I ordered the book without researching the author. This morning I read more about him on Goodreads and Amazon. I doubt, based on the types of other books he has written, I would ever have purchased this book, and I think that may be the point.

I can tell from the few pages I have read, this is going to be a powerful book for me. The person who wants to write but fears all the monsters that would stand in my way. I am the person who falls in love with words capable of taking me places I have never been. This is a book on writing primarily geared toward nonfiction and it has called to me — someone who loves fiction.

I think this may be an interesting journey.

So, please tell me, what is your latest new book? What drew you to it? Was it all you hoped it would be?

If you do not already follow her, take a few minutes to visit Brett Ann’s blog Stony Soil Vermont.  I linked to the post I referenced above, but I recommend you explore more than that one post.