On Being Vulnerable

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Since the retreat I attended in the fall, I have been on a bit of a journey. A journey about the way I see myself, how I view my past, my present and my future. It is diving deep. I do not talk about it a lot here, but it has become a valued part of my daily life.

i have recorded videos for 75 days straight, each day evaluating and commenting on what has crossed into my purview. Sometimes the things I feel are a culmination of events strung out over several days and some are just flashes of thought.

Being so aware of everything you feel makes your emotions extremely accessible. You can feel enlightened or raw, depending on the day. Today was a raw day.

I started the day a little off kilter when I remembered it was my sister’s birthday. I miss her terribly. For a year I have felt her presence and recently I dreamed about her for the first time since her passing and wrote here about that dream.

My daughter and I have been sharing some deep and personal transformational thoughts lately, as she begins the introspection 100 days of videos will allow. This morning was no different. It was a deep conversation for 7:30 am.

Later in the morning, I watched the video of another person who is also on this video path. She mentioned a movie “The Shift” by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I had never watched it, but assumed because it was by him and published through Hay House, it might be something I would be interested in seeing. So I looked it up.

I spent 2 hours still in my pajamas watching the movie. The timing and the synchronicity of finding this film on this particular day is something I do not question. The messages for me were crystal clear. It brought me to tears.

I know if I sat and watched this at a different time or place in my life, it may not have been as impactful. But on THIS day, it was everything I needed to hear.

“After all this time, the sun never said to the Earth “You owe me” Just think what a love like that can do; its lights up the whole world.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer
From “The Shift”