#1LinerWeds – Poison Ivy

Day 304

I managed to go outside and water plants today. Right beside my little rose is a hearty poison ivy sprig. Such nasty little things, but this immediately popped into my head:

You’re gonna need an ocean of Calamine lotion

Of course that line comes from the song Poison Ivy and was popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

I don’t know how many times I must have sung this song in my youth, but it was very popular. The Coasters sang the version I remember, and we all had the lyrics memorized.

I was very young — too young to even be naive. Imagine my surprise when I read that Poison Ivy was a metaphor for a sexually transmitted disease, according to songwriter Jerry Leiber.

The song released in 1959 reached #7 on the Billboard Top 100 Chart and it was about an STD. I guess I am still a bit naive.

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18 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds – Poison Ivy”

  1. I would NEVER have thought the song was about that! On the other hand, I only learned within the last 10 years that a doobie (as in Doobie Bros.) was a marijuana cigarette stub. LOL

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  2. I didn’t know that either!! Lol….I was and still am naive and clueless! Sometimes its better that way!!!

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  3. The metaphor is news to me, too. I never thought about it. But if I did, I would’ve thought it was about an emotionally toxic relationship.

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  4. I loved that song (still do from time to time). I heard about the meaning, but I was never sure if it was true. The real poison ivy is a nightmare for me. That little sprig by your rose would be fenced off, waiting for me to suit up and remove it forever.

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    1. Ahh, Dan. Eradicating the poison ivy. It is such a menace. I read the urushiol can remain potent on shoes for 2 years. Can you believe that? Eliminating it is problematic. You cannot burn it or take it to the landfill. I would be curious what methods you would use?

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      1. We have had very little in our yard. The last time I had it, our dog ran into it, and then ran into me. She rubbed right behind my knee. I reacted so badly, I was covered in an oozing rash. We literally bought all the 4×4 gauze pads in town, until the steroids kicked in.

        Once I found it, I put on a Tyvek jump suit, gloves and a face mast. I dug it out, deep enough to get the roots, put it in a garbage bag, put that in a garbage bag with all my outerwear and, using new gloves, put all of that in another bag. I am sorry about the environmental nightmare in our trashcan, but it had to go.

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        1. I have had similar thoughts. There is always poison, but it kills everything in close proximity and then talk about environmental problems. Yuck. Not an easy problem to resolve.

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  5. The Coasters did some great songs, didn’t they? “Charlie Brown” and “Yakety Yak” are two of my favorite songs, and if you hadn’t used that line, I would have…

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    1. I loved The Coasters. They sure had a lot of memorable hits and those you mentioned were among the best. I also loved their version of “Along Came Jones”, too. I am a sucker for a big deep voice.


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