Morning, Glory

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Day 296

Have you ever noticed how some memories sneak up on you taking you by surprise? This morning I woke thinking about my childhood. Like many teenagers, I suppose, I loved sleeping in on the weekend. I would stumble out of bed, droopy-eyed and looking like I had come off a 24 work shift.

Mom was an avid reader and she would pause and peer over her book and acknowledge me. “Morning, Glory.” I had not thought about that in years. It made me smile.

My Volvo is in the shop for a serpentine belt, oil change and tire rotation. He is also looking at my mysterious A/C issue. Since we had to leave the car overnight we took advantage and stayed in town most of the day. We started by having breakfast — a real treat since we have been following low cholesterol eating guidelines.

The meal was okay, not great. When it came time to pay, the credit card system was down. After 15 minutes, they decided to go ‘old school’ and take the info down using a knuckle-buster or a zip-zap machine. The only problem is our newer chipped credit cards no longer have raised numbers, so it will not produce numbers on the carbon sheets. We were ready to pay cash when they system finally came back up.

We spent most of the remainder of the day test driving new cars. We drove a Subaru, a Honda and a Toyota. Then hubby drove a couple of Toyota Tacoma trucks and we found a really good deal on one. Actually, every dealership was in the mood to deal and we were shocked after our last encounters.

It was not good planning on our part to be in the position of needing two vehicles in the same timeframe. We may postpone the second for a few months and focus on finding a certified used car to replace the Volvo. Right now we are waiting to hear what the mechanic has to say about my car and how the insurance rates look for the truck.

Before we came home we stopped at an Asian market where I bought all the ingredients for making Vietnamese spring rolls. I am excited because we love them and it will make good use of some of my basil leaves from the garden. If you have a recipe or an ingredient you like, feel free to share your recipes!

Then hubby wanted to go by The Cheesecake Factory to get a couple slices of cheesecake to bring home. Nice way to end the day.

Throughout the day, I did some unscientific research. I have noticed most of the new vehicles have bump-outs on the inside of the steering wheel at the 10 and 2 position. So, that made me curious and caused my observation survey.

  • Very few people drive with their hands at the 10 and 2 position
  • The majority of people drive with one hand at the top of the steering wheel (me)
  • A lot of men seem to drive with their wrist on top of the steering wheel with their hand flopped over the back of the steering wheel
  • Older people and very young (new drivers) tend to drive at the 10 and 2 position
  • A few people have no hands showing at all which probably means they hold the steering wheel at the bottom
  • The majority of people only use one hand on the wheel most of the time

I wonder if the bump-outs are to keep you from wrapping your thumbs around the wheel and thus prevent injuries in the event of a crash? I could research, but I am curious how you drive! Which driver are you?