Independence Day Struggle

Day 284

Today is the 4th of July. America’s Independence Day. A day of family gatherings, BBQ, and celebrations capped off with wondrous displays of fireworks.

But my heart struggles.

Today I think about the situation at our southern border. I think about the people who came here frightened, looking for a better way of life — a safer life. This is what my ancestors did hundreds of years ago. I think about how precarious the journey must have been for some of them in the 1700’s. Records are lost so I cannot know for sure, but history paints a strong picture.

America was to be the great melting pot.

I do not have the answers to solve these problems, but I believe with all my heart, the current solution is a horrible one. My ancestors certainly were not native to this country. They were poor, hardworking people who came here hoping to make a better life. As a result, I am able to live today with relative comfort.

I love my country, but I do not love its politics.

I had hoped we put a lot of our sad history behind us. Not to forget, but to overcome.

Sadly, there is an undercurrent of hate that I find alarming.

I know we are all different. I know we often disagree. But it is hard for me to understand how any American is not disturbed by the same things that haunt me.

Lady Liberty, I believe your true heart is breaking today.

Please don’t give up on us. There are a lot of really good people fighting the good fight. People who want to see your heart whole again.

May we all join in the pursuit of peace for all people.