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#1LinerWeds – The Night Hour

Day 311

It was another day full of fun. Being summer, the grandkids have a lot of flexibility concerning bedtime and wake-up time. It is no different here. We go full throttle all day.

Yesterday, we had a big brunch because they slept so late. We took walks, watched the birds, chased bubbles and even had fun playing some online games with Grandpa. After a huge chef salad for dinner (with some accompanying chicken nuggets for the little ones) we relaxed before going out to check for lightening bugs.

We were much more successful in our pursuits this time. A few bugs were caught and released and there was much playing with flashlights and just running around in the early darkness.

Nearing bedtime, they requested a Chapter 2 of what they now call ‘Diamond Eyes’, so I invented a new chapter. Once tucked in they were extremely restless. Perhaps ice cream too close to bedtime – way to go Grandma. It took a lot of Grandma fussing for them to settle down. Even so, I could hear them whispering to one another so I asked what was wrong.

I miss Mommy and Daddy.”

I pulled my little one close, hugged him and told him I understood. I turned on one of our battery operated candles (with a timer for shutoff time) to put near him as a nightlight, I tucked him in again with extra hugs but I could tell he remained restless for a while.

Here’s the thing. No matter what fun we have or where we go, we always want to be where we feel the safest. For them, that place is home. I will forever be thankful they have a home that makes them feel safe and happy. I think about how many children do not feel safe or loved at home and it is heartbreaking.

It has been a long fun-filled summer for these two and our visit comes on the end of five weeks of being away from home visiting aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. I understand how much they must miss being at home in their own beds and surrounded by all the things that make them feel safe.

After all, we all want the same thing, don’t we?

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