Wordsmith Wednesday – Blogging Topics

Day 139

IMG_8624This morning I noticed a number of blogs that have clever’ W’ names for their Wednesday topics. I am not normally that organized in my thinking and my blogs can come at any point throughout the day. Timing affects what I have the mental capacity to take on. (I was once a morning person, but retirement has caused a shift and I find myself favoring the evening hours a little more.)

My blogs usually come as a result of something on my mind. I have two subjects rolling around in my head, but my thoughts are not fully formed enough to articulate what I am thinking. So, today I thought I would play with a little wordsmithing and see what shakes out.

Possible Wednesday W Topics

Wry Wednesday
Wondering Wednesday
Wishful Wednesday
Whittling Wednesday
Wacky Wednesday
Worrisome Wednesday
Wednesday Walks
Wednesday Wanderings
Wisdom Wednesday
Wide-eyed Wednesday
Wednesday Whispers
Wistful Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday It Is

After refreshing my HTML column skills, I have decided to designate this as a Wacky Wednesday post because that is the only way to describe this rather disjointed thinking.

What kind of Wednesday are you having?


10 thoughts on “Wordsmith Wednesday – Blogging Topics”

  1. Good title! For us, here in ARIZONA ( keep that thought in your heads) I will say wet Wednesday! We are about to get about 10+ inches of snow dumped on us! What the heck??!!!!

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    1. Wow! You should move to the mountains where the weather is more predictable! 😂 Bundle up and stay warm down there in Sunny Arizona!


  2. WHAA! working Wednesday. It was a long, long day.
    I like One-Liner Wednesday, but most Wednesdays I don’t write (at home). I like Wacky. Wacky is always fun 🙂

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