Tidbit Tuesday

Day 145

I don’t have a lot of energy tonight, so I thought I’d share some tidbits about my day. It was a great day and now I am ready to bring it to an easy close.

  • I had a relaxed morning reading short stories by a fellow blogger, Pete. Check out his works of fiction here: BeetleyPete.
  • Tomorrow I have a much needed appointment at the salon. A new cut and a new application of my blue and purple streaks in my hair. For those who do not know, blue and purple were my sisters’ favorite colors. When I see the color in my hair, I feel like they are still with me.
  • I have a crazy sinus headache tonight. My whole face hurts. Ugh.
  • Tonight, we went off our low fat diet and had a Thai food — Panang Curry is my favorite dinner-time comfort food.
  • My walk around the yard revealed a few more plants and trees coming alive. We are definitely on the cusp of spring:

That’s it for me.

“Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.”