Blast From the Past – Music Edition

Day 123

There is a lot of useless, trivial knowledge floating around in my head. Mondays are the worst. I call my thoughts Monday Mind Floats. I no longer work, but Monday continues to feel different than other days of the week. Maybe because I keep up with friends and family who still work and I can still feel the looming of a Monday morning.

Mondays start slow for me. My mind often wanders to days and times past or plans and dreams of the future.

Musical Meanderings

Maybe it was the thoughts of my sister yesterday, but today old songs ran through my head. The one that stuck was The Hut Sut song. I’m not sure where we heard it as kids, but we used to sing it all the time. Of course, in looking at the lyrics, we destroyed them terribly!

I think the version of the song I remember was sung by Mel Tormé. Of course, I had no association with or recognition of Mel Tormé until years later on Night Court — he was Harry Stone’s idol.

YouTube is such a vast sea of nostalgia so I thought I should share this as well. This song came out in the 1940s so I am still not sure how we knew it.

While researching, I did discover that Tim Conway’s character on McHale’s Navy sang part of it in one episode which might be the more likely place I heard it, but unfortunately, I was not able to find a clip.

I also read it was also in From Here to Eternity, A Christmas Story and even an episode of The Muppet Show.

So there you have it, folks. The vast wasteland of my Monday Mind.