Friday on My Mind

Day 134

This morning, Friday on My Mind was spinning in the jukebox that plays in my head.

The year was 1966. Why is it I do not remember much from that time but I have every word of this song and every inflection of their voices firmly committed to memory? I do miss the era of amazing radio stations — are there any still in existence outside of Pandora, satellite radio, or Spotify? I guess it (and my transistor radio) is another time gone by.

I listened to several versions of this song on YouTube and it brought up so many memories, but I am not going down that rabbit hole today! (I am currently arguing with myself concerning the merits of researching whatever happened to Wolfman Jack.)

I feel inspired today and for some reason, I had Friday on my mind all week. Not sure why, but here we are just the same.

Today, I am keeping it light-hearted. Enough heavy stuff in the world today without polluting my blog with it all.

We have several bushes sporting blooms this week. Late winter / early spring can be quite a dichotomy here in the foothills. Allergies are kicking in because of early blooms and my property still shows the look of winter for the most part. The photos are a bit blurry due to the wind that’s stirring and bringing the camellia blossoms to the ground. I also noticed signs of a woodpecker on the tree closeup that I did not see until I looked at the images on my phone. Such is life in nature.

I am still loving my MasterClass subscription. Last night I took a break from my Judy Blume class and tuned into a little Gordon Ramsey cooking. Today I intend to sharpen all my kitchen knives the correct way. Then I want to try my hand at fine dicing some veggies like a real chef. I am absolutely loving MasterClass and I highly recommend the annual subscription if you, like me, have a lot of varied interests. and have the budget for it. (No, I in no way get anything from MasterClass from talking about their programs. I just really like them!)

That’s about it for all the things on my mind, other than a constant carousel of changing 60s tunes.

Have a super weekend.