Another Power Outage

Day 108

We received the edge of this arctic blast which for us meant high winds. I think our highest gusts were 35 mph.

We lost power right before 9:00 am. Internet/WiFi and cell followed shortly thereafter.

I had planned to make a 15-bean soup today. We do have a generator but it supplies only the basics which does not include our electric cooktop.

This meant the beans soaked over 24 hours. When the power came on at 8:30 pm, I decided to cook the beans. I was afraid they would be mush by morning.

So, I spent the day napping and reading which was heavenly. I finally started Becoming Mrs. Lewis and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is definitely a writer’s book.

We still have no WiFi so I will try to update this over cell. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Man, that soup smells good!


8 thoughts on “Another Power Outage”

  1. So glad the power’s back.

    We have a wood stove here in Quebec, but without power, it’d be challenging, A power flicker reminded us of back-up flashlights, but we don’t have back-up candles, I realized.

    As soon as we can get out, I’ll attend to that. There are large snow drifts behind our car, my buddy reports. Yikes!

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    1. Lisa, I am not sure how things were in Asheville. It was extremely windy here and many trees down. Yes, get what you need in case the power goes out. We are dropping into the 20’s tonight.


  2. I have a saying that even if we lose electricity, we still have power. Sounds like you did. But it’s really great to have electricity too! Glad you’re safe.

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