Blog Hopping

Day 99

Today I did some blog hopping. Now, I normally peruse different blogs every day and read what I can. I have found some great people to follow, but today I was hopping from and to my own blogs.

I have three blogs on WordPress. I’m pretty sure I have one on Blogger which gets no time. I also have blogs on my old business website and I have another that I shared with some very close friends and my sister.

sistersWell, let me just say I spent way too long today reading all my sister’s old ‘journals’. I know she would not want them public because they were shared privately. I went through a firestorm of events and all the accompanying emotions — eight years of our shared lives. It was like talking to her again, I could hear the tenor and inflections of her voice.

I started thinking about all my blogs. Should I combine them here? I have followers on various blogs, but if I do not post there, what would it hurt to bring them over? Then there’s always the question of staying on the free WordPress platform or migrating to my own website — which already exists. Consolidation is appealing.

I’m not too worried about analytics except that I love the WordPress reader and it makes following blogs so easy. I was a web designer and I know the SEO game which would be necessary if I went outside and back to a self-hosted WordPress account.

I also stumbled on a website called where I could archive my blogs into a book format. That sounds tempting, too, except some of my old blogs were pretty personal and shared only privately.

My mind keeps going back to some of the events I read about today. Visits by my daughter and myself to Virginia, the passing of my step-mother, the birth of my niece and two of my grandchildren. All laid out in great detail. Some of it was painful to read, but a reminder of the full life I’ve led.

So, today I ponder what to do about this digital footprint I have spread on the Internet. I am not sure what I will decide to do with all this history of my life, but I feel compelled to do something.

Here’s a link to a blog post I wrote a long time ago. Such memories! I do not want to lose these memories. And consolidating means losing the comments of people who are no longer here. I am not sure I would handle that well…

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