Day 109

Welcome to my UGH day. I woke up dreading today. It is holiday cleanup day. (At least inside the house.)

Hubby loves Christmas and always hates to let go. This year was harder because of the death of his mom days before Christmas. It did not feel like Christmas at all this year.

So, I have tried to be understanding about leaving the tree up, but it WAS a live tree and now it was more like Jacob Marley — dead as a door-nail.

Decorating is always so joyful, but taking everything down and repacking it for a year is NOT fun. Thanks to Marie Kondo, however, a few things are going to be donated rather than going back into storage.

I am happy to be putting the pictures of the grandkids back on the mantelpiece. I have missed those faces!

Dinner has already been prepared. We will have the 15-bean soup I cooked last night after the power came back on.

Tomorrow I will do a thorough cleaning and get things back to a little more normal.

It’s time to plow ahead into 2019.