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Switching Gears

Day 96

Some days just don’t go according to plan. Today was one of those days and that’s ok.

Yesterday we went to a very cool used book store in Asheville — the Battery Park Book Exchange. Is is a very cool and eclectic combination champagne bar and used book store. We had a great time perusing old books. I love first editions and rare books (which I can never afford) but it was still fun to look.

This morning we went for our morning walk and had a relaxing morning. At least it was before I remembered the exterminator was coming. I rushed around to pick things up off the floor and got ready to run my errands.

When I finished my shower hubby told me someone was coming to re-seal the driveway which meant no leaving the house today.

At that point I retreated to my computer where I caught up on my Margaret Atwood writing class and caught up on reading a few blogs I follow.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing mundane tasks like laundry and cooking dinner.

Last night I did not start my new book nor did I today. Some days you just have to roll with the punches.

So now I am off to bed and will give it a shot again tomorrow.