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Thoughts Run Deep

Day 104

I thought I would take a break and write a short blog and get it published a little earlier tonight.

I finished the MasterClass with Margaret Atwood. It has given me much to consider and has given me insight to myself as a person and a writer. I decided to start the Judy Blume MasterClass for a different perspective.

The introduction knocked me over:

Don’t give up and don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you cannot write because the person who’s saying that has no idea what’s inside you.”

This is a powerful statement every hopeful writer should read. Maybe it’s because I read a lot today about women’s struggles which are too heavy for this post. Hearing these words of uplifting hope were important to me.

Judy Blume talks a lot about her childhood which of course made me think a lot about my own and how I progressed through life. There is a lot of information and guidance to be found in simply remembering our own steps.

22256554_10155808299011057_2213149016206176189_o (1)I had an online conversation with a couple of friends a few nights ago in which we talked about sharing a photo of ourselves as children. This is the only posed portrait I have of myself. I stare into her eyes and know she had no idea what paths she would take. I know she would like her adult version, but I am also sure she never imagined she would sometime sport blue and purple hair and reflect often about her — that shy little girl.

That little girl has been loved and hurt over the years. She has been told how she should dress and act and be. But she rose up and decided to be who she wanted to be. And as the quote above says, no one has any idea what’s inside me but me.

“I just want to be little ole me…”