Nature and Nurture: The Voorhees Family Artistic Legacy

The North Carolina Arboretum is hosting an exhibit featuring the art of Edwin and Mildred Voorhees and their family of accomplished artists. Last night we attended a private opening and it was so inspiring!

The exhibit is a wonderful retrospective of the artistic works of Ed and Millie and a family they inspired to become respected artists in their own right. The show includes work from the entire family. I can only imagine the nurturing environment which inspired generations of family members to continue such a creative legacy.

The work is beautifully displayed in the Baker Visitor Center for public viewing. The exhibit is a rare opportunity to see the work from so many diverse artists exhibited in what may be the largest collective display of  this family’s work to date. The artwork consists of a wide range of mediums and is equally breathtaking and impressive.

As beautiful as the artwork is, the story of this close knit creative family is so heartwarming. Art allows for exploration of self and of the world around us. Through the creative process a rare understanding of our place in the world is bestowed upon both the creator and the observer.

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If you are in the Asheville, North Carolina area, I encourage you to see the show. The works of Ed and Millie are all held in private collections but the art on display by their family members is available for purchase. Follow the link below to learn more about the exhibit.

Nature and Nurture: The Voorhees Family Artistic Legacy