June 12th – A Day in the Life

30 years ago today, my father succumbed to a heart attack in his sleep. It was an early Friday morning and I was looking forward to my last week of work before I left on vacation to spend Father’s Day with my Dad. I got the call at work and could not believe my father was gone. He was my best friend, my confidant, my wise advisor. I was in a horrible marriage and looked forward to talking over my problems with the only person I thought could possible understand. I could not see how I could possibly survive without him.

Somehow, 30 years later I am still here, often thinking of how much my Dad would cherish the families that live on, a testament to the love and determination he and my mother instilled in their children. I still miss him terribly.

Six years ago on this same day, 49 people lost their lives at the hand of a madman with guns. Another 53 people were injured. The Pulse nightclub shooting was the worst mass shooting in our history up until the shooting in Las Vegas a year later. Mass shootings continue as our lawmakers sit idly by and watch, offering nothing but meaningless thoughts and prayers while we continue to break records on how many innocent people die at the hands of uncontrolled gun ownership.

It does not matter what day I choose to read the news, there is always a shooting somewhere.

It is another somber day for me. I will focus on positive thoughts of my Dad, maybe I will even write a post in his honor. I am thankful we have a wonderful art opening to attend tonight. I will definitely be writing about the opening tomorrow.