Trying to Embrace a Day of Rest

The last few days have been exhausting for me. The news of the Supreme Court’s revocation of Roe Vs. Wade brings with it a myriad of concerns for the future awaiting my children and grandchildren.

This decision has opened the door on many other challenges to come. They impact my family directly. They impact millions of families directly. The conservative originalist ideas about our constitution are disturbing. As a country we will never agree on our forefather’s intentions and therein lies much of the problem. Lawmakers use their opinions and interpretations to control the population. It is a worrying foreboding of our future.

As I read through and remember the horrible behavior displayed by our lawmakers, I am disgusted. It reminds me of my father’s prayers when he asked for forgiveness of lies of both commission and omission.

I no longer associate myself with any political party. As such, I am prevented from voting in primary elections in my state. I am forever looking for a person of integrity and substance for whom to vote. Sadly, the Supreme Court judges are not elected officials – they are nominated and confirmed by such a small percentage of our population.  And talk about lies of both commission and omission! This is an area where I think our forefathers got it wrong.

Yesterday I went back and watched some of the testimonies from Anita Hill regarding Clarence Thomas. It was disturbing. My mind went back to Trump, then Kavanaugh, on to Clinton, then Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick. We continue to invite scoundrels into our most prestigious halls of government. It is past time to wake up.

I could not blog without clearing my head of all the flurry of fear and discouragement of the last several days. This is the beginning of a new level of unrest in our country. I am not sure where it will lead, but I am preparing myself for battle.

My mother was unable to finish college. All extra money was used to pay for an illegal back street abortion for another family member. When I was pregnant with my daughter, a young woman stabbed herself in the stomach with a kitchen knife because she was forced to bring another child in to this world – she could not bear the crying of another child she could not feed.  Another first time mother lost her leg when the doctor stitched a vein closed after her Caesarean. Another friend had to carry a baby she knew was deceased until her body rejected it. She walked around looking pregnant with a dead child inside of her all the while listening to congratulations from well meaning friends who had no idea what she was going through.  These are just a handful I cases I know of personally. Pregnancy is natural yes, but for many comes with a host of life threatening consequences. For each one I know of, there are many more. We have lost our grace and our humanity.