Monday Missive – Finding My Voice

I am still in a somber state of mind. The gun violence in this country is at an all-time high. My thoughts are on fire, finding no resolution point at which to rest. My constant question is, how do any of us make a difference? How can ‘I’ make a difference? There are so many issues in this country that need our attention, but, unless we come together on at least a few of them, our efforts will be splintered and ineffective.

  • A few statistics on the guns in this country. In a population of about 329.5 million people, we own about 400 million guns. There are estimated to be 2 million children living in homes with loaded and unsecured guns. Since the shooting at the school in Uvalde, there were 10 mass shootings over the weekend that followed. We cannot be complacent with these statistics.
  • Now on the lighter side, our hydrangeas are finally blooming and the bees are happy. We have had lots of rain followed by some rather warm days.
  • My PT is going well although increased physical activity does impact the pain and swelling. I have been waiting patiently on a knee sleeve which has taken a very long time to progress through the mail.
  • I have made reservations to go see my daughter and her family in July. Prior to that, we will have time with my son and his family while the children are on summer break. I look forward to the normalcy.

How are you feeling in this chaotic world?