One Liner Wednesday – My Shot

We finally got a time slot for our first shot of the Covid-19 vaccine. We have to drive a bit to get there, but in the words of Hamilton:

I’m not throwin’ away my shot!

One liner Wednesday is beought to us each week by the lovely Linda Hill. Please visit her blog to read the rules, read other one liners, and possibly join in the fun!

21 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – My Shot”

  1. Maggie, my husband and I also have appointments to get our first Covid shots.

    Love your one-liner. My daughter had me over to her house to watch HAMILTON. What a musical! What talent!!

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    1. I am glad to hear you and your husband are getting your vaccine, Debbie. Yes, Hamilton is a great show and the reference was perfect!


  2. Hooray! When do you go? Our 2nd is March 3, but I had a strange side effect and will be seeing my dr next week to discuss! Ugh.


  3. Yes! Go for it! Then take it easy. My first Moderna shot made me achy and tired for two days, but I tend to be sensitive to meds. #2 in two weeks Just sayin… easy does it. Hopefully you will not have side effects.


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