The Countdown to Spring

Only 36 Days Until the First Day of Spring

Yesterday was a beautiful weather day. The sun was out and warmed up the house nicely. The temperature reached 62° F (16° C). I spent part of the afternoon cleaning out one of our raised beds. The only survivor of the cold winter months has been the cilantro. One patch of the cilantro had bolted. We can replant in the spring, but it will be too hot in the summer to survive.

Weather predictionsIt is amazing how much one good day can invigorate me. It felt good to be outside in the sun digging in the dirt. I must always temper my enthusiasm because we can always get more severe weather. This coming week our prediction is for rain, rain, and more rain.

This time last year the daffodils were up according to some of my records and photographs, but I have not seen any peeking through the soil yet. We do not have them on our property but they are on display throughout the neighborhood. For now, the camellias are in bloom, but many of the petals are tinged in black from the cold. Usually the squirrels eat many of my camellia flowers so I try not to get too attached to them.

In just two months the hummingbirds will be back. Two months still seems like a long way away. For now I will just enjoy each one of nature’s gifts as they slowly reveal themselves.