First Snow of the Winter

Last night around 8:30 pm it started snowing. Our first snowfall this winter. It was nice to sit with a glass of wine and just watch the snow fall, knowing it would not be long lasting.

I went to bed around 11:30 pm. Evidently we lost power around midnight and it has been out ever since. Surprisingly, our internet connection is still working and as long as our generator runs we have heat which is nice considering the temperature is just now about 36° F (about 2°C). Fortunately, the propane tank was filled recently, but we may shut the generator down later today to save on fuel. Living here, you really need a generator or an alternate source of heat because we lose power frequently.

This morning, the snow has melted quite a bit, although you can still see some on the ground. Last week we had powerful winds and never lost power, but I am sure the heavy wet snow took out multiple tree limbs throughout the area.

Our three year old granddaughter was sick with a stomach bug most of the day yesterday. She had her mom FaceTime us off and on throughout the day to tell us how bad she felt (13 video calls I think). We were happy to lend a sympathetic ear and tell her how bad we felt that she was sick. This morning, her fever is down and she is feeling much better, back to her playful self.

This could well be the only snow we will have this winter, so I am going to make a cup of coffee and watch the birds while the peaceful feel lasts.



Song Lyric Sunday – “Rock This Joint”

Jim gives the following guideline:

“This week we have the prompt Colors and the song that you choose must contain a color in either the title or the lyrics.“

I have written about this song on my blog before but it was for SOCS. Since it was the first song to pop in my head, I decided to go with it again for today’s prompt.

“Rock This Joint” was recorded and released by Alannah Myles on her “Alannah Myles” album which included her hit “Black Velvet”. The song was written by Canadian musician and songwriter Christopher Ward. He wrote or co-wrote 8 of the 10 songs on that album. Alannah Myles was romantically involved with Chris Ward and both he and songwriter/producer David Tyson would help her form her musical style and identity.

The “Alannah Myles” album was released on March 28, 1989. The album reached number 1 on the Canadian charts, number 5 on the U.S. Billboard 200, and number 3 on the UK Albums Chart. The album topped six million sales worldwide. Personally, it was a favorite album of mine and I still love it today. It was also a jukebox hit on a little hole-in-the-wall a lot of our IT folks would go for a beer and a game of pool after a long install night.

This album was released under her contract with Atlantic records, which unfortunately was not a good contract for her. You can read more about this and her background in the article “Alannah Myles” at The Canadian Encyclopedia (Grills., Barry and Jeff Bateman. “Alannah Myles”. The Canadian Encyclopedia, 12 March 2014, Historica Canada. Accessed 07 February 2021.)

Rock This Joint
Lyrics courtesy of

He was Johnny on the spot he was red hot
Walked slow and smoked a lot
She was a jukebox junkie, hand on one hip
Great big eyes and bright red lips
I said hey … hey hey hey

Well they eased on out to the center of the floor
Started dancing like never before
She’s spinnin like crazy, crashin’ into the crowd
on top of two tables, screamin’ right out loud

I wanna rock this joint
I wanna take this town
Cause I light up when the sun goes down
I wanna rock this joint
I wanna take this place
Cause I wanna die with a smile on my face
I said hey.. hey hey hey

Well the whole damn place
Spilled into the street
Climbin’ on cars
High on the heat, up on the roof

Johnny jived with his date
Cops came by, it was far too late
I said hey…
When Johnny came to .. his head was a mess
Woke up dreamin’ ’bout a skin-tight dress
found a message at the end of his bed
With the words he can’t get right out of his head

I wanna rock this joint
I wanna take this town
I wanna rock this joint
I wanna shake this place
Cause I light up when the sun goes down
Cause I wanna die with a smile on my face
I said hey… hey hey hey

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