#FibbingFriday – 08/24/2020

This week, Fibbing Friday is hosted by Pensitivity101  and we have just some basic dictionary definitions to consider. Imagine with me.

1.  Aurora – A sister city to Oz near the arctic. Instead of everything here being emerald green, the city swirls in colors of blue, green, and pink. It is the glow from the city that people often mistake for the northern lights. Pack a parka if you plan to visit — it’s chilly up there.

2. Argument – A mint that leaves a slippery coating on your tongue. It is usually placed on the tongue before heated disagreements so that barbs and vile remarks flow more easily and do not get stuck on their way out.

3. Blessing – A personal event that causes you to sing out in thanksgiving.

4. Smack – A snack that when eaten makes an uncontrollable sound to emanate from the lips.

5.  Embarrassment – Another mint which slows down the heart rate and is used to camouflage the blush of an awkward situation.

6  Prickle – The brand of pickles currently served in the White House.

7.  Bloat – A boat designed to accommodate social distancing.

8.  Coalition – A regulatory group that oversees coal miners.

9.  Barrel – A measuring device. When reaching the bottom of the device, it indicates one has reached their wit’s end.

10. Zeal – A period of extreme happiness felt when a pandemic is over.