Monday Missive – The Last Day of August #WDIIA

What day is it? August 31st. The last day of August already! How can that be? I feel like Rip Van Winkle with two major exceptions. First of all, I did not get to sleep through this mess and wake on the other side to a changed new world, and I did not suffer the alcoholic stupor which brought on his 20 year sleep. I sure hope this thing does not last 20 years. I truly want to live again, out and about with the people I love.

  • Saturday was our oldest daughter’s birthday. We sent flowers and chocolate on Friday for fear they had plans on Saturday. They did not, so we also had the opportunity to drive down to say hello to the whole family. Her sister was there, too, so it was a real treat even if it was standing on the driveway, socially distanced.
  • On Sunday, we went to the apple orchard. We had not been at all this year and we wanted to get some Honey-crisp apples before they were all gone. We did not go into the orchard to pick, we selected our apples from those already picked. Our daughters drove to the orchard as well. We were all masked up and there was hand sanitizer everywhere outside the shed.  Afterward we sat outside, and visited for a while. It is odd to carry on a conversation with people you love through masks. Such a strange time.
  • After the orchard, we drove to the Asheville Farmers’ market in search of fall plants. Our cucumber vines are yellow and exhausted, along with most of our tomato plants. The heat and the rain was hard on the garden.  The peppers are all producing like wildfire. The plan today was to tear out the old plants, amend the soil, and plant the fall vegetables, but it is extremely wet out there.
  • We had another severe storm roll through just after midnight last night. Another inch of rain by the time we woke. The temperature was only 70°F, but of course the humidity is still at 99%.
  • I am just realizing I did not take any photos all weekend. I usually leave my ohone in my purse when we go out and I think I was so caught up in seeing family, I did not even think about photos. I may try to take one of the breakfast I am looking forward to. In addition to apples, when we visit the orchard, we always pick up a few apple cider donuts, a couple of apple fritters (my anticipated breakfast), and a couple of fried apple pies.
  • On our video chat with our three year old granddaughter, she said Santa would not come this year because of Corona Virus. Of course we told her Santa and the reindeers could fly up high and still drop off presents, not to worry. I think her parents were quite surprised to hear her say that. Such a tough time for the little ones.

That’s it for me. How are things going in your Corona World?