Monday Missive – An Easy Life in the Foothills


Saturday I called my realtor to check in and see how she’s doing. She was a godsend when we bought our house and as a result has become a casual friend. I would guess she is 12 or so years older than we are and caring for her husband with dementia so I like to check in on her from time to time. She was quite cheerful and asked me right away if we wanted to sell our house. “I could probably sell it today.” Of course, we do not have a house to move to, but I was curious and asked her why the market was so improved. Her response? “Everyone wants to move out of the city and away from the virus.” I’m not sure how I feel about that.

We did another early morning trip out to get some items for my workspace. (Shoutout to Dan over at No Facilities for his tip about the Home Depot app. I now have both Home Depot and Lowes apps on my phone and it made in-store time fast and saved frustration when things were out of stock.) I purchased two under-cabinet lights that will adjust to type of light. 4000K was the closest to the 5000K I was looking for. I also needed to replace the 40” LED tubes in the overhead fixture with 5000K LED tubes. My work area is in the utility room beside the utility sink so splashing of water has been a concern. We picked up a 24”x40” piece of plexiglass to separate the two. Do not ask me how we will install it yet. Drop any suggestions you have in the comments.

Yesterday afternoon we watched the return of the astronauts from their 2 month trip to the International Space Station. Both SpaceX and NASA have been very upfront every step of the way so explaining where the Dragon would splash down and be recovered was shared as well. Here is my mini-rant. All these people came out in their boats too close for comfort. There was a concern about the toxic fumes from the fuels that were burned as the capsule returned to earth, so this became a safety issue not only for the SpaceX and NASA staff, but also for the entitled civilians. They had to spend time corralling these people out of harms way. One boat came speeding between the recovery ship and the capsule flying a huge Trump flag. It was a disgusting display. Rant over.

We are getting some heavy rain bands from the tropical storm. They are predicting 1-2 inches possible although we have already seen over an inch since midnight. I was pleased last night to see the storm had moved off the coast of Florida. I still worry about my friends and family there. It does look like it may strengthen back into a hurricane before it makes landfall along the North Carolina and South Carolina coast later today, however. Stay safe everyone.