A Few Songs from My Life

Day 254

In no particular order, a few important songs from my life.

My Mom loved The Browns, so I learned to love them, too.


This song always gets to me. And I cannot really tell you why.


Ahhh – Cat Stevens. Lyrics will always get me.


Another Cat Stevens – it was my era. This is because of lyrics and guitar. Love it so much.


I heard Johnny Cash sing this live in an appearance with The Highwaymen and I cried. This version is live from Folsom Prison.


Love the harmonies and love the lyrics. I would not be mad if this was played at my funeral.


I have quite a mix of music that plays in the jukebox in my head. Rock, Jazz, Broadway, Instrumental, Motown, Soul, Folk, Country, Pop — you name it. The songs above always rise to the top, though.

If you listened to all these, I am amazed. For me, it’s easy because they are a big part of who I am. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, though.

That’s all I ‘ve got tonight. Time to hit the sack.