Monday Menagerie

Day 267

Today it’s back to a more normal routine. Yesterday we drove down and joined our daughter and her family for a Fathers’ Day lunch. The food was great and it was nice to see everyone and see how much the new puppy, Lucy, has grown. She is quite playful and fun to be around.

We decided to make Cuban sandwiches for dinner – a real treat and a departure from our healthy eating of the last six months. It was the perfect choice given the large meal we enjoyed at lunch. We stopped at a Publix grocery store and I was excited because my husband found my very favorite pickles! They have become increasingly difficult to find.

Growing up, everyone preserved food for the winter months. All our pickles were made at home and bread and butter pickles were my favorite. My grandmother’s recipe was almost half onions which I loved. It is hard to find any onions in the commercially available brands. This brand, however, has onions. Not as many as I would like, but I’m satisfied! It has been well over 2 years since I have seen them at any of the local grocery stores. Score! I was a happy camper.

This morning we got up and enjoyed our morning walk. The sun was out and it was comfortable with the temperature hovering around 68° F, even though the humidity is around 95%. This time of year I must walk early or not walk at all. The mid-day and afternoon heat is unbearable. How did I ever live in Florida?

There was a hawk perched on the wire looking for prey. We did not get close before he flew away. So majestic in flight, but unfortunately he disappeared against the backdrop of trees so I could not get a good photo.

I took a few photos as I walked around the yard. It is always nice to see how things have changed since I left a week ago.

I found the remains of a massacre. Possible a dove overtaken by our local hawks.

We have a few things blooming, but I am anxious for the sunflowers. They are about 3-feet tall now.

I am also enjoying cucumbers fresh from the garden.

Over the weekend I over-indulged on a British series I found on Netflix – “Call the Midwife”. Lots of labor and delivery scenes — and screaming. Hubby came in to see what I was watching when he heard the loud screaming.

I am loving more and more British programming. We were discussing my fondness for “The Great British Bake Off” with our friends who have a daughter living in England. They tell me there is a similar show except the participants are all potters. I doubt I could find that on Netflix.

I have just re-titled this post. It is such a menagerie.

Have a great week!