Resting on a Sunday

Yesterday we spent the afternoon and early evening with family. We went to Clemson to see our Freshman granddaughter’s dorm room and our Junior grandson’s off-campus apartment.

Campus living is definitely for the young and fit. I am not sure how many sets of stairs we climbed to get to our granddaughter’s dorm room. I watched her run up and down the steps as I eased my recently recovered knee slowly up the steps. Whew! She is in the process of rushing for sororities (something I know nothing about).

Our grandson moved in just a week ago and the pipe in the apartment above him burst while no one was home. Luckily for him (not so much for one of his roommates) the leak was on the side opposite his bedroom and living room so the couch we gave him and his computer and bed was not damaged.

We all went to an early dinner together. We had a lot of time to visit and catch up as the service was painfully slow. It was late when we got back home and I was tired and ready for bed.

I spent the morning upgrading the operating system on both my iPad and my iPhone to circumvent the latest security vulnerability.  I am always careful to make sure I have a good and valid backup before I do any updates. I have been burned before by updates that do not work well. There is no way to back out Apple IOS updates other than to restore from a backup. Lesson learned.

Needless to say I did not make it to the gym yesterday, but I will go work out today. I am surprised how much I look forward to that hour – especially now that I dug out my old iPod Nano and can listen to music while I workout.

We had a thunderstorm overnight and an inch of rain. I see more and more signs that summer is starting to wane. I don’t think I have ever looked more forward to autumn than I have this year. It seems like summer has been either hot and rainy or hot and humid. I am anxious to plant my cold weather garden.

How has summer been for you? Are you ready for a break from the heat?