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SoCS – Key

We are back and Linda Hill again offers us a word to mull over for SoCS. Amble over to her blog to get all the skinny on how to participate. Make sure to read some of the other blogger’s posts while you are there.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “key.” Use it as a noun, a verb, or use it metaphorically. Have fun!

I once lived in a small coastal town in Maine. Yarmouth is a great town with a wonderful small town feel. Most of the people who live there are “well to do” – we were not a member of that club, however. Regardless, the people were kind and friendly and we had a pretty good experience living there.

The thing about living in Maine is it definitely have four distinct seasons. The tulips bloom in the spring, summers are warm but not hot, fall color is radiant – and then there is winter. It is long and cold and sometimes brutal.

The high school did not have a football team, but they did have an ice hockey team. Every kid in Yarmouth learned how to skate.

A bit of a segue – I did my banking at KeyBank. (Their logo contains a big red key, but it is protected by copyright so I can not use it here.) Why am I talking about my bank?

Well, every winter, behind KeyBank was a small pond that froze over in winter. It is where many of the local children learned to ice skate – including my children.

I never learned to skate, but I took my children there. One year they both got skates for Christmas. I would take them to the pond to skate. I sat freezing on the sidelines while they learned to stand and eventually move on the ice. I think the pond was originally hand dug sometime back in the 1930s.

I will admit I looked to see if the pond was still there. It is and it is much nicer these days with lighting when the rink is open and safe to skate on. It even has a name now. To me it will always be the pond behind KeyBank.