Drifting Thoughts on a Sunday

Twelve years ago, my sister Rosie lost her battle with cancer. It is always tough, these grief anniversaries. I try so hard to transition from a grief mindset to a memory mindset, but it is not always easy.

It would be easy to just say she had a tough life, but statements like that devalue the lives of those we loved. I certainly do not want to be remembered for my struggles, so I will not do that to her. She was smart, quick-witted and wielded a powerful pen. She was kind, generous, and opinionated. She had the biggest heart and never knew a stranger. She was musically gifted and taught herself to play the guitar. She made the most beautifully tailored clothes – I was rather envious. She continually tried to hand me the genealogy reins in the family, but I was not interested at the time. Oh, how I regret that decision. Of all the things she was, however, she was my sister, and that is the small aspect of her I miss the most.

I am gradually coming out of this three weeks of sickness. I passed this bug on to hubby, and we are both in the final annoying stages of a cough that just does not want to be over. I still have 5 days of steroids to take and then my medicinal regimen will be complete.

All our children’s families are in back-to-school mode. There is such a long list of things to complete, and for the two college aged grandchildren, packing and moving – one into an apartment as he enters his third year, and one into the dorm as she starts her freshman experience. Such an exciting time. Our youngest granddaughter just turned five and will start kindergarten on Wednesday. She got her first haircut ever on Saturday and seems to have matured so much overnight.

Wednesday I will go back to physical therapy for my exit appointment. I joined the gym the physical therapy place runs so I am anxious to get back. These last three weeks may have jeopardized all the progress I made, but onward and upward.

We have had a juvenile bear come to the house a few of times in the last week. Food must be getting in short supply because he was here in broad daylight and managed to bring down the bird feeder poles, destroying one of the feeders. He actually came back four hours later and again the following day. I will post some pics and videos below. As a result, we will take a break from feeding the birds for a few days.

We also had a bobcat visit last week, but he managed to slip by the game camera by moving along the outside wall of the house. I tried to snap a pic with my cell phone, but he got startled and ran before I could get a photo. All signs the seasons will start changing soon.

We grew tomatillos for the first time this year. I hope to make a salsa verde today. It is always exciting to try something new, especially from our own garden. We managed to harvest a few blueberries, some peppers, and some yellow pear tomatoes. This is the least successful gardening year we have had since moving here.

I wish you a peaceful Sunday. I am going to spend some time honoring my sis today. Thanks for hanging in here with me.

(Turn your volume down on this one.)

Quite impressive when they stand!

Garden harvest
Garden harvest