Sad News

Last night we learned a mother, her child, and the family dog were struck by lightening. This family goes to the same school as our 5-year-old granddaughter. Sadly, the mother did not survive.

The electrical storm came up out of nowhere and there was no time for them to get to safety. There was also another person near them that was also struck and a house nearby that caught fire from a lightening strike.

This mom always walked her children home from school to insure their safety. She was waiting for school dismissal when the storm came up.

My granddaughter is so sad to think one of her new friends no longer has a mommy. It is such a sad reality for such young hearts to understand. There will be counselors at her school today to help students and staff come to terms with this devastating loss.

Life can be so harsh sometimes. I cannot imagine what this child has been through and what she witnessed with her mother. I am heartbroken for this family.