Lifting The Veil: 5 Questions To Ask During An Interview That Reveal Organizational Values and Leadership Styles


If you or anyone you know lost your job during the pandemic, you know how competitive the market is for any available jobs. It is or will be so tempting to be passive in the interview. You may find it helpful to ask questions of prospective employers in order to find the right fit.

When I was a hiring manager I appreciated people who took the time to research the company, had thoughtful questions and displayed confidence in the skills they brought to the table.

Two Moms And A Toddler

As a job seeker during a global pandemic, I felt compelled to share these thoughts today in the hopes that it might help others out there give some thought as to 1). What type of organization they want to work for but more importantly, 2). What kind of leadership what they want to work WITH.

COVID-19 has given us all the ability to re-examine what we are looking for in prospective employers as well as a chance to reinvent how we go about finding them during the interview process.

One of the common mistakes I believe job seekers make when they go to an interview is to assume that they’re the only ones in the room being interviewed. I’ve learned over the years that this can be one of the greatest causes of anxiety and stress going into that initial meeting. An interview should be a…

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