A View from the Garden

Hubby decided to put one of our trail cameras inside the garden. I think he is concerned some visitors can still come in underneath the raised beds and dine on our hard work. This means there will most likely be a lot of photos of us going in and out to tend to the plants.

Yesterday, he brought the memory card in to see if we had any visitors. There was one visitor across our road outside the perimeter of the garden. It wasn’t a visitor either of us expected to see in broad daylight. (The date time stamp on the camera is wrong and needs to be reset.)


The photo is not clear enough to determine if it is a doe or a buck, at least not to me. It looks young, though. That may be why we see this deer in the height of the day. They usually like to hang along the fringe of the woods for a quick escape.

If you’re wondering about the blue tarp, well, that’s where Hubby had Lowe’s drop the wood so it would be close to where the garden would be constructed. He has a few other projects to do once he finishes hanging the cabinets in the utility room.

Such is life in quarantine.