Now The Waiting Begins

Day 231

My children are coming today and I am beyond excited! I just received a text with a picture of my granddaughter grinning ear-to-ear saying they were on the way.

Traveling with a toddler is hard. The last time they made this trip our granddaughter was a baby. They seem prepared with an assortment of things to keep her occupied and help pass the time.

Waiting is hard. They are driving so it will be a long day. I am glad I reserved a few last minute things to do today so I will not be pacing the floor for hours.

I now know how my Dad felt all those years when we traveled by car to see him. I am now seeing his side and I understand so much more now than I did then. I will never forget pulling into his driveway and seeing him rush out the front door with his arms spread wide open. Yes, Dad, I know now how you felt.

My posts will be short for the next few days because this time with our family will fly by too fast. Nothing is more important than this.

Hope you have a great week!


10 thoughts on “Now The Waiting Begins”

  1. Hey Ms Maggie… i am 80% better and doing a great deal better today… I am in excitement mode for the visitors that you are about yo receive… oooh how cute will you snd your grandbaby be in your homie nest….

    Have the most amazing and beautiful visit with your family…

    Love to you

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  2. I know they have arrived. Long drive but it didn’t sound like it was too bad! Enjoy all your love time. ❣️

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  3. Yes, those waiting days are hard. So touching that you reflected on how it may have felt for your dad all those years. Enjoy your visit with the family!

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