Just Shake It Off

Day 230

This morning I hear my mom’s voice in my head. “Just shake it off, kiddo.” Mom always found escape in the paperback novels she read. She never seemed to spend much time in her head, always able to rise above the prevailing winds of negative thought.

Be like mom“, I think which brings this song to mind.

Sometimes when things bother me or give me pause to think too much, I can really get in my head. Once I allow myself to get in my head, it’s a little too easy to get swept up in the undercurrent of my old way of thinking. In recent years I have managed to accentuate the positive.

Tomorrow my children will be here. My granddaughter talks to me on video chat and she sometimes thinks I can play with her on video which somehow I manage to do. It will be nice to have her here discovering life at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

There is a constant show right outside our window of birds, squirrels and chipmunks for her to watch. I know the glass will be covered in little handprints that I will not be inclined to remove too quickly.

When joy is on the horizon, it does not do us justice to dwell in too much mental chaos.

I am taking advice from my granddaughter’s favorite Disney character, Elsa, and I am just letting it go.

The cold never bothered me anyway.”