Escaping Negativity

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Day 238

I was thinking about how negativity is a bit like gravity. It’s a pull that is difficult if not impossible to resist. Lately, it seems that negativity is so prevalent that we are almost not aware of it — much like gravity. It just is.

So, I thought I’d be smart and look up to see how far from earth’s surface I would need to be to escape the gravitational pull. Funny, though, that’s not an easy question to answer. I thought I could read about it and rephrase it here, but I cannot. It’s not easy to explain. There are formulas and free falling and zero gravity to consider. All too much for my brain right now.

But I did realize just how much the pull toward negativity is a lot like gravity. It’s heavy. It pulls us in, often without us even realizing it exists. Escaping the pull is not easy and telling someone how to do it is not easy either.

That’s where the similarity ends, though. You see, I think we can resist negativity. We can experience something difficult without being pulled into a spiral of negativity. We can have empathy without being caught up in the difficulty of the situation. We can tell our stories without letting them swallow us up.

We can observe the hard and challenging parts of life and choose to take positive steps to head those things off. I will not say it is always easy, but it truly is possible. So many big things are swirling around us constantly — many can be negative — but to get caught in the pull of that spiral means it will be hard to get out.

Life is a series of situations about which we can decide how to react. I’m not saying that hard things do not bring sadness, but we do not need to live there. We can sit with the feeling and then let it pass. We can acknowledge the sadness, without being consumed by it.

Ever have one of those friends who is just not happy unless they are miserable? Notice how they want to bring you down with them? We all know misery loves company, but why do we allow ourselves to get caught up?

All of this jumbled thought started early this morning when I watched a video on FaceBook by my friend, Kim Halsey. It was the best 3 minutes and 14 seconds I had spent in a long time.