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Go Lightly

Day 223

It has been a long and emotional day. But in life, there are always highlights.

When we arrived into town where the small cemetery is located, I notice a street sign – Go Lightly Street. That made me smile.

When we arrived at the cemetery, I looked down at my phone. The time read 11:11. 💕

There were a lot of unexpected changes today. The minister was sick so someone we did not know held the service. He was a young minister who cared a great deal about paying the deepest respect for our mom. He was going to perform a young person’s baptism following our service. The circle of life goes on.

It was a beautiful day and the journey has come to a close. Outside I looked up to see the moon. I always love it when the moon shines during the day.

It was a beautifully cool day and the sun was bright but not hot. Standing on the hill at the cemetery, I knew mom would be pleased.

Go Lightly…

12 thoughts on “Go Lightly”

    1. I thought so, too. I have driven in this town many, many times but never noticed the sign. I guess there I something to be said for slowing down and observing. Thanks, Dan.

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