Sunday Soliloquy

I woke up around 7:30 this morning, my mind brimming with thoughts. It was a random concoction of disassociated ideas, songs, events of the past few weeks, and lots of self talk that seemed like endless prattle. What better way to get it out than to blog about it?

  • My sister’s birthday was toward the end of June. I thought a lot about her and her wildly feminist personality. I miss her so much in times like these.
  • I listened to a podcast with Anita Hill as a guest speaker. She is an articulate and intelligent woman. During this podcast I learned so much about how women’s fertility issues are progressing. I have been out of touch.
  • I laughed as I watched a chipmunk approach a butterfly on the ground. Everytime the butterfly moved its wings, it startled the chipmunk. This went on for several minutes and then I was horrified when the chipmunk attacked the butterfly and ate it. I never knew chipmunks were omnivores. I may never be the same.
  • I have a yearning to travel – maybe a road trip although I abhor the traffic on our roadways – so much carelessness. I wondered if I would enjoy traveling Route 66. I was on a portion of the roadway when we traveled from Sedona to the Grand Canyon.
  • Speaking of the Grand Canyon, I would love to be there in September for their Plein Art event. I would love to have a painting of sunrise or sunset over the canyon.
  • I would really love to have an oil painting of the Blue Ridge mountains, too, but I have not found a local artist that paints the scenery I am hoping for.
  • I am still undecided about attending my 50th class reunion. I am almost more interested in seeing old places, the house we lived in, etc., than my classmates. To be honest, most of the people planning to attend were not the people I hung out with in school.
  • I wonder why songs get stuck in my head. My daughter recently sent me a TikTok video of a young woman jabbing fun at the intensity of the commercials Gen Xers grew up with. Now I cannot get this jingle out of my head.
  • I have also been thinking about how great a weeklong family retreat to a cabin in the mountains would be. I have some favorite games I like to take on trips like that. What would you take to a family getaway for a week or two? Jigsaw puzzles, board games, favorite family movie classics?
  • My knee (knock on wood) is finally feeling better. I joined the gym and am doing some weight training, but one of the most effective tools have found are resistance loop bands. Who knew?

That’s it for my mind ramble. How is your Sunday?

29 thoughts on “Sunday Soliloquy”

  1. Well that was very interesting… For the retreat I take some board and card games the grandchildren love Uno, lots of old vinyl and get out eldest to bring his turntable and amplifier.
    My Sunday….it’s very long this week!! Hope your head is clear now 💜

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  2. Resistant loops are the greatest. I haven’t attended any high school reunions The 60th would have been in 2019 but no one organized it. Come to think about it we only had the 5th and that was it. Cabins and puzzles seem to go together. Thanks for the update on your Sunday.

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    1. A cabin trip sounds perfect and I have a 1000 piece puzzle waiting to be done. I have not been to Ohio since I graduated. I am sure the area has grown immensely these past 50 years. I thought traffic was bad then! I am still undecided.

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  3. I am sorry about witnessing the butterfly consumption. Chipmunks are cute, until they’re not.

    Our 50th reunion occurred while I was visiting my brother in Iowa (and the timing wasn’t an accident). I understand about wanting to see places more than people. A road trip still sounds good to me. Traffic up here is crazy, but it has never been great. Fortunately, my road trips take me away from New England, so they’re usually fun (except I have to get through New York). Last year, we took Monopoly, Sorry and a Backgammon set with us on a road trip, (along with a bottle of tequila) and we had a great game night on a rainy day.

    I’m glad your knee is starting to feel better. I hope it continues to improve.

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    1. Your travels sound fun, Dan. We have a bookcase game called “Facts in Five” we all enjoy. The younger generation likes to play “Cards Against Humanity” but it is a bit too risqué for a family gathering I think.

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  4. My 50th reunion is in September and I’ve decided not to go. The only folks I’ve kept in touch with since high school I already see, and I won’t even remember the names of most of the others. I went to a big regional school and never even met a lot of my classmates!
    I’m disturbed about the chippie and the butterfly too.

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    1. My trip would be rather expensive and I am just not sure it would be worth the expense of airfare, hotel and rental car for a two day event. My class was fairly small and I still do not remember most of them.

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  5. Well, Maggie, I will never listen to songs by Alvin and the Chipmunks in the same way again. Actually, thanks for giving me an excuse to never listening to them. I will settle for ‘Get Your Kicks on Route 66’. Always enjoyed traveling on it.
    I attended my 50th reunion. We had 245 in the class. All boys. After the Mass celebration, I was given the task of reading the names of those who died. A lot. But the list has grown so much more and so much faster in those many years since.
    Go… because this maybe the last time you ever see a lot of your classmates. For a brief time remember the good times back in high school.

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  6. Living near Historic Route 66 I can say it is a fun, but crowded route. I am skipping my 50th as I did all the other ones. High school was not a happy time for me.

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  7. We had a woman who came during the school year to clean and to feed us our lunch. During the summer she and her family would take car trips, and one year they traveled Route 66 down the whole thing, from the beginning on Michigan Avenue to the end at Santa Monica Pier. She told us all about it and made it sound like the most fun you could have with your clothes on. It’s all but gone now, replaced by the Interstates…

    Big Red had another jingle back when it first came out, more of a Western-sounding thing…

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    1. Sadly, the portion of Route 66 I was on was just another road so I know what you mean. I have never heard that Big Red song nor seen that commercial!


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