Gaining Perspective

I am still trying to find balance between enjoying life a little more and staying on top of commitments I have made. This often results in my blog being pushed to the side, which is okay for now.

Hubby’s Aunt and sister came up for a quick visit. We managed to enjoy an art opening by a visiting artist from Charleston, and dinner with the family including our eldest daughter. It was a nice, although quick, visit.

The last week or so the weather has been chaotic with a lot of electrical storms. Our router was partially fried but it took a good bit of troubleshooting to isolate the problem. We could connect sometimes, but connections continued to drop, passwords were not recognized, etc. Hubby bought a new router (this model might be overkill but I let him manage the internet techie stuff). I laugh and tell him it looks like a drone.

Friday was the six year anniversary of my eldest sister’s passing. In my mind I thought I might write about it, but decided to spend the day in thought, honoring her by remembering all the wonderful attributes she possessed. I did call her daughter (my niece) late in the day as I know she was missing her mom so much.

Saturday was my daughter’s birthday. We chatted on the phone and FaceTimed each other. Our celebration will wait until next week as I am flying to Florida to spend a week with them. Fortunately, it is a short flight and I will double mask to stay as safe as possible. I am looking forward to spending a week with them!

Yesterday I went to my son’s and spent the day with him and my grandchildren. We didn’t do much, just enjoyed hanging out with each other.

The dogwood leaves are turning red, an early indicator of seasonal changes. Our Rose of Sharon has a few flowers. Our hydrangeas never really bloomed at all. Our garden is almost a total loss so far. We did finally get a handful of blueberries, but not near what we have had in past years. To say it has been a strange season is a vast understatement.

I am still going to physical therapy twice a week. I still have three visits approved. In addition, I joined the gym so I have been going there to walk on the treadmill and do weight training. It is all helping my knee, but I fear the arthritic part of the equation is something I will just have to deal with now. I am so thankful for the resources I have available to me.

I hope you are all doing well. I am limiting my news consumption and focusing on spending time with family while we can. I am not sure what the fall will bring as far as Covid is concerned. I just looked at the statistics for our state. It’s still out there folks. Over 24,000 cases last week in our state alone. Our county has moved from low risk to medium risk.

Now I will leave you to your Sunday and wish you a day of rest and happiness. We are experiencing a constant steady rain – much needed. Perfect reading weather. We could all use a little peace I think.